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PEOMETRY brings to you outsourced HR support and bespoke HR interventions


We @ PEOMETRY help organisations augment people outcomes through easy to implement HR DELIVERY framework


We help design reward systems for high PERFORMANCE


We enable EACH ROLE HOLDER to engage actively in co-owning and achieving the company vision.

In each of the above promises - we have experience of successfully partnering with organizations across industry sectors and geographies
  • We work in the background While you run your business and achieve growth and profits entrusting us with your HR function
  • We leverage our access and mastery of Industry Best Practices and Consulting architecture across large - small, local and global, brick and mortar or knowledge economy

Who Are We?


What you can measure is what you can improve

We at PEOMETRY enable people by setting them up for success aided by processes and pro-active METRICES

We enable people to connect to their strengths and sidestep weaknesses so that every team member realizes the maximum POTENTIAL.

We enable organizations to leverage their DNA for better productivity, innovation and improvements.

We enable weaving the CULTURE fabric - aligned to the vision - embedding it sustainably and visibly for creating EXCELLENT WORK PLACES.


Our Founder

3 C s make us effective

Concept – Content –Collaborations

Our HR outsourcing solution, covers all aspects of HR operations in a client organization. This includes the strong network of service providers we make available to the client organization as required. Our partners include (but are not limited to) training organizations, recruitment agencies, payroll service providers, job sites, and benefits administrators. By leveraging our network of partner relationships, we provide our clients with access to committed service levels at special rates from a wide range of service providers.


Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

John Mattone is the world’s top executive coach ( to Fortune 500 CEO s including Steve Jobs) & authority on Intelligent Leadership (IL), the world's best executive coach and the creator of the IL Executive Coaching Process and Certification. Binno himself is an IL certified coach – and brings to the table the process , content and instruments along with the experience of having worked with the C suite , across industry sectors on coaching roadmap


Ajit Kumar


AJIT ,the founder HigHR approach is founded on a strong desire to work with companies on a high growth trajectory. He brings to the table tried and tested perspectives ,honed from having worked with companies like Vodafone ,Philips And YES bank in the foundation stages and the subsequent transformation journeys . He strongly keeps reminding that , no two companies are the same.




We leverage the best enabling infrastructure to move the HR burden off your shoulders completely. We will study your company, design the most appropriate system for you, recommend and provide the necessary software tools, set up and implement the solution, train your people to use it, and manage it completely as well. From recruitment and payroll management to performance appraisal and employee engagement, and everything in between, we will keep your HR functioning productively and efficiently, thereby making a significant impact on your bottom line.




Well , more often than not it is a nuisance to deal with multiple service providers. We at Peometry realise this and even go out of our way to channelise a few of those items that may be in the truest sense extraneous to HR function . Like we have partnered with excellent CFO services including someone who can be your interim CFO . And there is more ! End of the day we believe in making it convenient for you to run your business – while we take care of the support systems

Our Service Offerings

PEOMETRY provides hands-on HR management for enterprises, enabling the CEO to focus on the core responsibilities of growing the business.

Managed(retained)HR support for SMEs

HR support

This is how it works If your business doesn't have a dedicated HR Head. We give you a dedicated HR team physically in your office. What you get from the engagement is not limited to the onsite HR team. You will have a strategic HR head available to you as and when you need .You have access to the best practices and Consulting architecture . Effectively you have a company that is a subject matter expert managing your HR – making it a one stop solution with all of what you need . You can choose between receiving HR support on a fixed number of days per week, supported by unlimited HR telephone advice as needed. As part of this service, we will also review your policy handbook and core HR processes

HR advisory consulting interventions

consulting interventions

Enhancing Human Capital value in client organizations by designing and implementing relevant Human Capital Management Solutions. Specific finite time projects that cover the entire gamut of HR needs such as

1. PMS / Balanced Score Card design/implementation

2. Visioning Workshops

3. Competency framework.

4. Employee Satisfaction Survey design / implement/action plan

5. HR core architecture - policy drafting /process design

6. 360 degree implementation

7. Training programs


Interim HR Leader

Interim HR Leader

An experienced interim HR Leader who can come on board quickly and take command of the Talent function. In the fast paced global economy you may have an unplanned abrupt transition of your CHRO – and your HR function may be left without a leader While you may get around to addressing it at the earliest – we provide you an HR leader who is capable and ready to come over to ensure the baton doent get dropped , for a finite time period as mutually agreed



Whether you’re an SME on a growth path or anestablished business but wish to re evolve , we can help in planning your journey.

We will do a deep dive into your current and long-term business objectives. We will co-create your talent roadmap , assess your current and future adequacies and help lay down a proactive change plan.

We can help bring in the objectivity and industry benchmarks in perspectives , to work in tandem with your engagement and in conversance with your business

We can work closely with you in the granular operational details , and difficult conversations


150 plus clients across India and across the globe including the Middle East


Talk to us if you need help with any of the following

Retained HR support

HR consultancy

Merger & acquisition due diligence

Merger & acquisition post-acquisition integration

Rebadging ( Transfer of Undertakings)

Talent management

Compensations & benefits

Resource management

Redundancy & downsizing

Employee relations

Work culture reviews

Organisational restructures

Exit interviews& analysis

Executive Coaching